The Three Coins

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by Christopher (Bob) Lohan


Toronto, 1951 – Irishman Tom Corbert sits in his rented room and turns an unopened letter over in his hands. The envelope has stamps from all over the world on it, stamps that trace the journey he’s been on for the last decade. The letter has followed him all the way from his past, from Ireland.

And it’s calling him home.

But Tom is not the only one being summoned. Also in Toronto is Bob Ward, a soft hearted but hard fisted man with whom Tom is familiar mostly through barroom brawls. And someone in Ireland has business with him, too.

The two men independently journey back home to Ireland to unravel a tragic mystery that stretches back almost twenty years—one that will change both their lives forever.

A love letter to the pastoral Ireland and rugged Canada of an earlier generation that draws inspiration from the author’s own life, The Three Coins is a comic, heart-warming tale of coincidence and connection that explores the legacy of tragedy and the power of community.


Chris Lohan by the Crooked Bridge - Ireland
Chris Lohan by the Crooked Bridge – Ireland


Born in Dublin in 1930, Chris Lohan moved to Canada in 1951 at the age twenty-one and immediately fell in love with the country, vowing to see it from coast to coast, a promise he has now kept many times over.


After starting with the Canadian National Railway gangs, Mr. Lohan eventually began working for the Canadian Pacific Railway as a baggage handler.

He moved up to switch tender, yardman, yard foreman, conductor, yard master, and, finally, terminal supervisor of “The Nickel Capital of the World”: Sudbury, Ontario.

Eventually, Mr. Lohan moved into safety, directing and chairing several organizations, culminating in his roles as chairperson of the Safety Section of the American Association of Railways and the founding chairperson of the Railroad Association of Canada Safety Committee, before his retirement in 1995.

Mr. Lohan now lives in Hanmer, Ontario, with his wife of sixty years, Helena. They have five children, eleven grandchildren, and ten great grandchildren.

The Three Coins is his first novel.

First $500 in book sales will be donate to Leprosy Mission Canada

Book Sale 20% Off

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18 thoughts on “The Three Coins”

  1. I enjoyed reading your book. I got a real chuckle out of your writing about Breadalbane Street and St. Basil’s Church. I lived on Breadalbane Street from the time I was seven years old till I married your wife Helen’s cousin, Al, in 1959. Also, I attended St. Basil’s Church. Small world, isn’t it? Congratulations on persevering and realizing your dream!

  2. I was delighted to see you on CTV Northern Ontario with Tony Ryma. I let all my siblings know about your book and we will all be getting copies. We remember well your visits with our parents, Joe & Irene, and how much they enjoyed your company. Congratulations on fulfilling a dream and for sharing with everyone your gift of storytelling!

  3. Chris,

    Just finished your book.
    Very much enjoyed the story. Was in Galway in October visiting family and your book captured both how important family is and the beauty of the west of Ireland.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  4. “The Three Coins” is a tale well told. It could easily be called “The Three Loves” since it highlights the three loves of Bob Ward (Chris), namely, the love of Canada, the love of Ireland and the love of life itself.

    If you want to cuddle up with a good read, this is the book for you. The story is romantic, entertaining, sometimes mysterious and full of grand old memories of good friendships and good times. It is an entertaining and enjoyable read. Congratulations to Chris on a fine accomplishment. Well done my friend!

  5. Loved your book, Chris!! As Teresa wrote, it is straight from the heart. Your great love for Ireland and Canada is so evident. Your beautiful faith, such an inspiration to me, filled its pages. It was certainly worth waiting forty years. May your book continue to touch hearts as it did mine. Loved your characters!!

  6. Dear Uncle Chris, I thoroughly enjoyed “The Three Coins.” As it says on your site, “it is a “heart warming tale.” The characters all have a charisma that draws the reader into their lives. As the mystery unfolded and the characters’ adventures merged I felt the warmth of a homecoming.

  7. This is a book that took me foty two years to write. It was an emotional & enjoyable write. I published this book THE THREE COINS when i was eighy six years of age which prove it never to late to fulfil a dream.
    God Bless all that read it. Chritopher (Bob ) Lohan Author.

    1. Chris. John and I spoke about you and your book. I will be buying a copy and will look forward to what I anticipate to be a great read. It already reminds me of Jim and Maureen.

      Patrick Coppinger

  8. Just finished your novel. A truly heart-warming story. I loved all the description of the Irish countryside too. Congratulations!

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed this book! Great descriptive detail – one sentence that I found especially moving was, “Bob was soaked through with sadness”. Very moving…….
    Another part that struck me was when Bob and Tom went to the cemetary and met up with Feney Finnegan. What happened after that was surprising………
    I certainly recommend “The Three Coins”.

    Very memorable read Chris – thank you.

  10. I can’t wait to by the hard copy, so I can have it autographed by the author. He is one of God’s best ideas, and can’t wait to get into the script.

  11. This was a novel I read in one sitting from start to finish. An intriguing story. A great novel for the young and old at heart and a great Irish overtone to the novel. In my eyes, a best seller.

    Mike McGuire

  12. Getting my hard copy on Sat. Looking forward to the read and story, Chris is a good friend had fun at many party’s with Chris and his family


  13. Much success with your newly published book. We look forward to reading it soon.
    Ps. hope you like this page I made for you.

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